Finding Your Passion and Answering that Question: “What should I do?”

You’re searching for way to make a living on your own terms.

Whether it’s because you want control of your hours or more time with family, or you simply just want out of the “rat race,” you know what you want. You want to work for yourself. You want to be your boss.

You just don’t know how to get there.

I’ve been through that mess and I want to help you get through it too. Maybe you’ve tried to research ideas and maybe you already know your strengths, you just don’t know how to get to that next step. I’m here to help you through that.

You don’t want to go from one mundane job to another, and you certainly don’t want your start-up to fail. Figure out what you have to offer. Find your passion. What would you consider to be the best work day imaginable?

Sometimes You Just Need to Think Like a Child

One way to figure out what you enjoy is to take a quick trip down memory lane. Think back to when you were a child. You didn’t have the stresses of paying for a mortgage or utilities. You didn’t worrying about health care or health insurance.  What did you enjoy doing? I’ll bet those activities still make you happy.

Now, you’re not going to paid to be a princess, play video games or ride ponies (unless you’re lucky), but you can get paid to write children’s books about princesses, review video games, or teach riding lessons.

  • Did you like to draw pictures or paint? If you don’t have the aspiration to become the next “biggest thing” in the art world, get involved with graphic design. You don’t need a four-year degree. There are lots of free online resources to help you learn. If you feel that you need a certificate, community colleges have affordable graphic design programs.
  • Did you enjoy being outside or taking pictures? Become a photographer. All you need is a camera, a work ethic and little bit of marketing.
  • Was your dog your best friend, or did you take care of every stray animal that you came across? Become a pet sitter or dog walker.

There are people out there enjoying every day of their work life. They are photographers, graphic designers and writers. There are people doing what you are dreaming about. They are entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We Can’t All Be Princess Ballerinas

Just because you like to dance doesn’t mean that you would be successful at (or even enjoy) owning a ballet studio.

Search through your education, your background, and your past job experiences to figure out a marketable skill that goes along with the activities that you enjoy. Figure out whether you need to take additional classes, or you just want to go with what you know.

There are many opportunities for you to make a living doing what you enjoy. It might appear to be too simple, maybe even slightly unbelievable, but it’s completely doable. That being said, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It’s a lot of responsibility and you will make mistakes.

You must treat your business like a business and not like a hobby. It will take hard work and you will need to market yourself, but there opportunities out there for you to work your own hours, live comfortably and still make enough money to save for retirement.

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